About Us

Founder's Message

I am an ambitious young bloke striving to do wonders in life, and I realised that the best way to achieve higher goals is by nurturing yourself first. This turned into an epiphany and I wanted to make products that speak the language of self-love and empowerment. So I launched Moncq, a cute local apparel store which reminds you of your higher needs, and to take care of yourself.

The Brand

Moncq, is a fashion company which celebrates self-love, optimism, empathy, and tolerance. We offer high-quality, ethically-made clothing and accessories for men and women. Our collections feature young and adorable designs, using sustainable materials such as organic cotton. We are dedicated to creating fashion that is not only stylish and sustainable but also inspiring and lovable. Our products can be found online, and we ship throughout Australia.

We Care

We do our part by donating part of our profits to Headspace in their efforts to help people in need. We encourage you to do the same.